Welcome to the Cordes Printing blog!

My goal is to provide helpful and thought provoking information that inspires my readers to make changes for the better in their business as well as personal lives. While I don’t consider myself an avid reader of blogs, occasionally I find some that really get me thinking and encourage me to do something different. And inevitably when I am moved to do something different (read make changes) good things usually happen. Let’s face it, few of us (if any!) like changes. Changes are often disruptive, stretching us in ways we don’t like to be stretched — just plain painful! Let me state the obvious: unless we change nothing happens. What has been continues to be and many times what continues to be begins to change on its own — for the worse.

So here’s to change. Let me know if something you read here kindles a change in you. I’d love to hear about it.


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